Alles in Ordnung?

The World according to Germans.

Yesterday Ελένη sent me this amazing photo gallery.

Oh, sorry, I mean: «       .aaaadeeeeegghhiillmmnnooprrsssttttyyYzΕέηλν»1 :-D

  1. For the curious, I have used this Bash one-liner:

    echo "<string goes here>" | grep -o . | sort -n | tr -d '\n' ; echo


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  1. mamma says:

    Ah Ah ah, adesso l’ho capito! Non avevo cliccato sulle mezze foto…
    Molto divertente!

  2. a-l-e says:

    ahahah!!! :-D

    …pensa se fosse stato “The World accord­ing to German Engineers”!!!!

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