A walk in Sarajevo

After Vienna I can say that the real trip really started: as much as I like going to places that I know and love already, travelling is still for me the discovering of new cities, new people, new food and—sometimes—new languages ;-)

I had to get from the recesses of my memory the few things of Serbo-Croatian1 I learned during my years of holidays in Croatia, basically hvala2 and točeno pivo, nula pet3.

Sarajevo is a beautiful city, very lively but at the same time a little bit too crowded—but in this season I just have to cope with it. On a side note, the girls here are really beautiful, but both too young and too tall!

  1. I guess now the language is called “Serbian & Croatian & Bosnian & Montenegrin” or something along these lines . . . No idea about the Herzegovina part, though. []
  2. Thanks. []
  3. A large draught beer. []

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