Breathing History in Mitteleuropa

Tired of the icy rain in my beloved Berlin, I eventually managed to be on the road again!
This time it will be for a way shorter time, and with a precise goal: the seek for the long-awaited summer.

I hopped in a bus in Berlin, headed south. First stop Vienna, where a dear friend of mine (maybe you remember her from my NYC relate) was waiting for a long overdue visit. Well, here I am!

I have visited Wien back in 1995, but this time the first thing I’ve noticed was the History surrounding me1: Berlin is a relatively new city, and the kings-related buildings were all in Potsdam. Plus, it was heavily bombed in WWII, so most of the city is just new, reminding me of the Americas (where “ancient” is generally referred to something a couple of hundred years old).

  1. Yep, the other time I was coming from Italy, after having lived one year in Barcelona. []

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