Where the Sava meets the Danube

From Berat I went to Ulcinj, just to get my — prob­ably — last day of beach for this sum­mer.

I didn’t want to change my Lek while in Berat, because I wanted to do that just before the bor­der. Unfor­tu­nately, I arrived in Shkodër on a Sat­urday after­noon with the banks closed. On the bor­der there was no change office, neither, and I didn’t want to spend too much time in Montenegro wait­ing until Monday to change in a bank.

My hope was that I could change in Podgor­ica, the cap­it­al, but once there I sadly dis­covered that you can’t stay there for less than 50 Euros. It was obvi­ously not worth it(1), so I took a bus to Beo­grad.

I was really sur­prised by this beau­ti­ful city (see pho­tos) with a long story, but while stay­ing in a hostel there, I real­ised it was time to go home.

  1. My Lek are more or less worth 60 Euros. ^

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  1. mamma says:

    Dove Sava al Danu­bio s’accompagna…
    Vuoi mettere la music­al­ità della bella lin­gua italica?
    Non c’è con­fronto!

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