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Sup­port pro­ject Gooseberry!

From the offi­cial web site:

“We are going to bring togeth­er the best of the open source CG tal­ents to work on a 3D anim­a­tion fea­ture film.”

Blender Insti­tute is inter­na­tion­ally well known for pion­eer­ing using Open Con­tent pro­duc­tion as a devel­op­ment mod­el for Open and Free Soft­ware. Since 2005, five pro­jects have been real­ised this way, includ­ing the short films Ele­phants Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Sin­tel and Tears of Steel. For each pro­ject the tech­nic­al tar­gets were defined first, which became the main lead for a chal­len­ging cre­at­ive concept for a mixed artist/developer team to real­ize with Blender and oth­er Open Source tools.

The suc­cess of this mod­el has led to much improved soft­ware and a more pro­fes­sion­al user/ coder com­munity. Pro­duc­tions of short film with Blender are com­mon now.

With so many small stu­di­os and teams around the world now using Blender and oth­er open source tools, it’s a logic­al and chal­len­ging next step to bundle them in a massive online pro­ject to work on their own film. This has been nicked “Pro­ject Gooseberry”. 


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