Support project Gooseberry!

Support project Gooseberry!

From the official web site:

“We are going to bring together the best of the open source CG talents to work on a 3D animation feature film.”

Blender Institute is internationally well known for pioneering using Open Content production as a development model for Open and Free Software. Since 2005, five projects have been realised this way, including the short films Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Sintel and Tears of Steel. For each project the technical targets were defined first, which became the main lead for a challenging creative concept for a mixed artist/developer team to realize with Blender and other Open Source tools.

The success of this model has led to much improved software and a more professional user/ coder community. Productions of short film with Blender are common now.

With so many small studios and teams around the world now using Blender and other open source tools, it’s a logical and challenging next step to bundle them in a massive online project to work on their own film. This has been nicked “Project Gooseberry”.


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