I’m not 40, I’m 18 with 22 years experience

And here we are, the Flas­saders crowd togeth­er after 13 years. We met for Pedro’s birth­day party, once again in Bar­celona, where it all star­ted back in 1994.

A little less hair, a lot more chil­dren ((With an aver­age of 1.2 each(!). Although, con­sid­er­ing that Pedro, Flumi and me have none, one could get the idea that off­spring is just a north­ern people’s thing ;-) )), but — sur­pris­ingly enough — we did a pretty good job on the side of wrinkles and bel­lies, didn’t we? :-D

On the fol­low­ing days I also had the time for the oblig­at­ory vis­it to the Bar­celoneta beach. Enjoy­ing the beach in March, a lux­ury I couldn’t remember.

By the way, the title is from the invit­a­tion card:

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