Berlin tour #3

The month of April was kinda busy: dur­ing the pause from the Deutsch­kurs I have received two good friends whom I met dur­ing my counter-clock­wise trip around the world. With both I have wandered around the city, although as one doesn’t like being pho­to­graphed, I mostly have pic­tures from the Juanita’s tour!

I have also added a few extra pho­tos: one the view from my bal­cony dur­ing an April snow-storm(!), one of a meet­ing with my Mitschüler, and one from a Tiram­isú-com­pet­i­tion with the guys from the Couch­Surf­ing crowd in Berlin.

Those pho­tos were taken from April the 3rd to May the 4th.

Anoth­er gal­lery from my trip to Bre­men will be pos­ted soon.

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