The black mountain and the sea

And as the bus from Sara­jevo dropped me hap­pily in Montenegro, I could enjoy — after too too long — the much awaited sea.

First stop was Her­ceg Novi, beau­ti­ful little town of Vene­tian times, where I have imme­di­ately placed myself on a beach facing Boka Kotor­ska.

Second stop, Kotor. A real gem in the Adri­at­ic, but unfor­tu­nately in this sea­son com­pletely crammed with tour­ist from all over the world. Any way, totally worth the trip.

Third and last stop for this Montenegro leg is Ulcinj: cul­ture is good, but now bring on the beach! :-) In Ulcinj I had my first con­tact with the Albani­an lan­guage and people, the lat­ter being here a major­ity of the population.

At the bus sta­tion there was this guy speak­ing in Eng­lish, the usu­al tour­ist inform­a­tion type, dir­ect­ing the freshly arrived to his friends’ hotels and such. In any case, I needed a room, and the trip had been less than pleas­ant, so I went with him. Big error. Unfor­tu­nately I don’t have a pic­ture of the room itself, but I guess it is enough to know that in the morn­ing there was no water. Zero. Nada. Ništa. Imme­di­ately I grabbed my back­pack and went ‘down town’ to find a decent accom­mod­a­tion. After way too much walk­ing, I stumbled upon this big guy, who talked to me in Ger­man. Well, the room he was offer­ing me was incred­ibly small, but sur­pris­ingly cosy. Using his words, it was richtig gut for me. I even man­aged to cr… ahem … bor­row the wire­less pass­word from the apart­ments on the side ;-)

As a side note, that day, for maybe the first time in my life, I had to speak Ger­man to make myself under­stood. It worked. Go me! :-D

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