• Stop TTIP now!

    Stop TTIP now!

    More info in this video. Just the fact that the nego­ti­ations are secret should be alarm­ing enough. This is ser­i­ous: tell your rep­res­ent­at­ive in the EU Par­lia­ment what you think about it.

  • Support project Gooseberry!

    Support project Gooseberry!

    The first open feature film in history

  • A walk in the desert

    A walk in the desert

    We went by taxi to Diem­béreng (pic­tures here). I vaguely remembered some­thing on the guide­book along the lines of «you can get a taxi back or you can walk 6 km on the beach», so we decided to just walk back. And yes, we were in the wrong vil­lage: we ended up walk­ing 14 km along this beach. Just cows, […]

  • Over the land of the free

    Over the land of the free

    Some­how, I am not com­pletely surprised. Still, this is a video worth watch­ing: watch people arres­ted for dan­cing in a pub­lic area. 

  • A new life?

    A new life?

    It is already a month that I live in Ber­lin, time for a change, although it is harder than I thought.