Der grüne Bereich is where I put random thoughts, notes, sketches and mostly photos from my stay in Berlin.

I used a template called Mininatica, modified to suit my needs.

At the bottom of the page I’ve added a fairly big section with news, recent comments list and other non-essential info. If you have javascripts enabled in your browser—you probably have—this section is hidden by default. Clicking on ‘More info’ toggles its visibility. This setting is saved in a cookie to make it persistent.

After the footer info section, there is the main navigation bar: from there you can choose to browse categories of content like A day in the life, the ‘journal’ part of the site, or Photobook, the picture galleries. You can reach as well pages like this one or go to my old site S M F G.

One feature I was really missing from the original template is the ability to navigate through posts without having to click on the back button, so I added the ‘next’ and ‘prev’ links. Once you are in a post page, you can move to the next or preceding one clicking on the arrows at the far left and right just under the title header(1)(2).

The code

I spent a good three months painfully crafting pixel per pixel a new web site, after my two-year-and-two-months-long counter-clockwise trip around the World. The idea was to have a regular weblog section, with little to zero photos, and a graphically different media section, showcasing my pictures.

For those who know me, it would have been completely em based, and with a rigorous vertical tempo as well as a horizontal grid. Actually most of the time was spent trying to make Firefox, Opera and Chrome—under both GNU/Linux and MS Windows—behave the same with the sub-pixel approximations(3). As eventually I realised, it was a too ambitious project, and I started completely in the wrong way: trying to modify a template to suit my needs. I left the project when—instead of leaving for a new trip—I started working again as an architect, in January 2011.

In autumn 2011 I moved to Berlin, and I immediately felt the urge to wander the interwebs again. Unfortunately, the lack of an Internet connection in the flat I am renting(4) made the whole operation quite tedious.

For these reasons, and for the lack of time, I went for a nice template and made a few lots of modifications, notably the one-column-centered layout. I am pulling the fonts you are seeing (the beautiful “Delicious” family by Jos Buivenga—except for the “bold-italic” that I wouldn’t be using in any case—, and the happily baroque(5) “Mutlu Ornamental” by Gazoz) from my own server, and this is the reason for that annoying delay when you open a new page. Actually after the first time they should be cached in your computer, so the page would load faster, but your mileage may vary(6).

But before everything else I needed a developing environment.

So I have installed in my tiny teeny netbook (yes, the same little baby that went all around the world with me) Apache, MySQL, PHP and WordPress. Yes, I am running a web server and a database in my 4 years old netbook. The performance is—for so to speak—sub-optimal, but I am pretty happy with the result.

So I was coding in my kitchen, then going by bike to the district’s library, and there uploading (and as much as possible also testing) the last version of the web site.

Now that I live in a new flat, with a nice DSL connection, I am not really using my LAMP(7) anymore, but it is nice to know it is still there ;-)

  1. This is precisely one of the things that I am not satisfied with: one should click left for ‘next’ and right for ‘previous’. This is kinda counter-intuitive, but it is consistent with the way pictures are shown on the front page slider. That slider is the feature I chose this template for, so I guess I should live with it. ^
  2. And no, you can’t find them here, because this one is not a chronological post entry, but a static page. Pages live on a hierarchical structure of their own. :-)  ^
  3. Of course I did not even try to make that other browser work. Sometimes I was opening a page with it, though, and it looked so 1995 :-)  ^
  4. Well, this is not completely true, but let’s say the connection I sometimes get is so slow that I have to check my mail with alpine and surf with lynx. Not really practical for the 2011’s web. ^
  5. Pun intended. ^
  6. “Chi bello vuole apparire, un poco deve soffrire.” ^
  7. Linux Apache MySQL PHP ^

2 Responses

  1. Pablo Podhorzer says:

    To Joanne Easton:

    Just to tell you that I have your “Lord of the Flies” copy. I think I found it in the Hostel Inn (Iguazu, Argentina), but I am not sure, I just noted the website now in 2012 (!). Well, I do the same kind of stuff to my guidebooks, some of them started in South East Asia and are now in the hands of a good lad from Dubai. So your book has been read and happily sits in my place in Buenos Aires. Cheers from Argentina.


  2. pt says:

    Ok, here we have “something”: I don’t know who is Joanne Easton, but if you are here it means that you read the same book I bought in a second hand book store in Broome, Australia, and left in a hostel room in Rotorua, New Zealand, after writing, as usual, my email and web address on the first page.

    So far so good. You are the first one to actually write me back. But, of all the coincidences in this world, can it be that my book happily sits in this place in Buenos Aires?

    I am so writing an article about that! :-)

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