Twenty years later

È l’isola!(1)

As in the 1991 film(2), we all wanted to experience life in a small island.

It was the summer of 1993, we arrived here because at the time it was an almost deserted island, totally unsuited for mass-tourism—just one derelict camping, no accommodation except for private rooms.

There were just two ferries per week: we arrived in the middle of the night on a Friday, planning to leave with the next—and only—boat on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, the planned ferry was canceled, and we had to pay a local fisherman to bring us to the next island.

On the first night we slept directly on the beach beside the pier, and on the second one we placed our sleeping bags around the monument in the main square. I hoped to get from my friends a scanned photo, but without luck so far. and we have an update!

The last two pictures above are from 1993. Not sure about the first one, but the one with Ale and me was definitely taken in Koufonissi.

Anyway, I’d have to say that here everything is changed, except for the stunning water and view(3).

  1. Sgt. Lorusso, isola del Mediterraneo che non conta un cazzo, 1941 ^
  2. Salvatores’ Mediterraneo^
  3. All of the restaurants have pizza in the menu, so you get the picture. ^

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