Breathing History in Mitteleuropa

Tired of the icy rain in my beloved Ber­lin, I even­tu­ally man­aged to be on the road again!
This time it will be for a way short­er time, and with a pre­cise goal: the seek for the long-awaited sum­mer.

I hopped in a bus in Ber­lin, headed south. First stop Vienna, where a dear friend of mine (maybe you remem­ber her from my NYC relate) was wait­ing for a long over­due vis­it. Well, here I am!

I have vis­ited Wien back in 1995, but this time the first thing I’ve noticed was the His­tory sur­round­ing me ((Yep, the oth­er time I was com­ing from Italy, after hav­ing lived one year in Bar­celona.)): Ber­lin is a rel­at­ively new city, and the kings-related build­ings were all in Pots­dam. Plus, it was heav­ily bombed in WWII, so most of the city is just new, remind­ing me of the Amer­icas (where “ancient” is gen­er­ally referred to some­thing a couple of hun­dred years old).

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