• Twenty years later

    È l’isola! ((Sgt. Lor­usso, isola del Medi­ter­raneo che non con­ta un cazzo, 1941))  As in the 1991 film ((Sal­vatores’ Medi­ter­raneo.)), we all wanted to exper­i­ence life in a small island. It was the sum­mer of 1993, we arrived here because at the time it was an almost deser­ted island, totally unsuited for mass-tour­ism — just one derel­ict camping, …

  • Discover Amorgós

    Pic­tures from Le grand bleu. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/201309-Amorgos.gpx”]

  • A walk in the desert

    We went by taxi to Diem­béreng (pic­tures here). I vaguely remembered some­thing on the guide­book along the lines of «you can get a taxi back or you can walk 6 km on the beach», so we decided to just walk back. And yes, we were in the wrong vil­lage: we ended up walk­ing 14 km along this beach. Just cows, …

  • Cap Skirring

    Here the pic­tures from the days in Cap Skirring! [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/20130220-23-CapSkirring.gpx”]